Clipart of people wearing facemasks

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when planning your visit to the Peirce Island Pool this summer:

  • Reservations may be made up to two days in advance up until 10:00am the day of. After 10:30am, please call the pool at (603) 433-0039 for available spots. 

  • The pool will be open to Portsmouth Residents ONLY this summer. Please bring your photo ID when you come to prove residency. 

  • Please bring a mask, as masks are required for entering and exiting the facility and when using the restroom. You may take them off if you wish while sitting in your chair or in the pool.

  • There will be no tables set up or snack bar available this summer. You may bring chairs/blankets/towels/etc. to sit on and refreshments to eat or drink.

  • There will be no showers or changing rooms available this summer. Please come ready to get into the pool. Restrooms will still be open.

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool